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Shiatsu Peter Podesva - Shiatsu Praktiker

My name is Peter Podesva. I am 39 years old and live in Vienna.

Since 2018, I have been a certified Shiatsu practitioner and a "Qualified Practitioner" of the Austrian Shiatsu Association.

Having performed more than 1,500 Shiatsu treatments, I have gained extensive experience in various applications of Shiatsu massage, ranging from alleviating back pain to providing support during pregnancies.

Eastern medicine and philosophy have fascinated me since I was a child. Therefore, I am very pleased to contribute with my Shiatsu studio Ocean Shiatsu Ocean Shiatsuto strengthen this perspective on body and mind in Europe.

My clients are dear to me. It's important to me to truly understand the individual I am treating at their core. It's simply my passion. Your health is my passion.


"If you want to consider the whole person as a Shiatsu practitioner, then in my view, a diagnosis must go deeper than just the current symptoms."

What's behind it?

I always try to look beyond:

  • What is the potential within yourself?
  • What could you manifest or express in your life that hasn't emerged yet?
  • What is really your "thing"?

In my experience, the "non-emergence" of potentials eventually leads to a series of physical and psychological complaints.

If your "core" cannot express itself, cannot manifest in the world, then who are you in this world? What are you doing here?

Let the body answer

Meridian Shiatsu according to Masunaga or Hara Shiatsu according to Tomas Nelissen provide a wonderful approach to these existential questions - through the body.

In my Shiatsu massage, I place great importance on my own non-judgmental attitude and centering in the Hara (the center according to Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Only this attitude allows me to support change in the other person, ideally without my own ego.

I work traditionally on the floor, on a comfortable mat, as Shiatsu was originally developed. Pillows and special positioning for various needs ensure comfortable lying for every client.

Every touch is conscious

I also like to incorporate elements of conscious language guidance according to Peter Itin into my work, for example, to address traumas or other extreme experiences.

Such conscious language guidance, combined with empathy towards the client, creates a trusting yet professional atmosphere.

In this environment of the shiatsu treatment, something may happen, but nothing has to. You decide.

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